Laptop Mount with Tray – NB North Bayou Dual Arm 2 in 1 Combo: Enhance Productivity and Comfort


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The Laptop Mount with Tray, the NB North Bayou Dual Arm 2 in 1 Combo, is a versatile laptop mount with an adjustable tray for 10-17″ notebooks and a full motion arm for 22-32″ monitors. With a sturdy build and multiple installation options, it aims to provide a comfortable and ergonomic setup for work and entertainment.

I recently purchased the NB North Bayou Dual Arm 2 in 1 Combo for my workstation, hoping to improve my productivity and reduce strain on my neck and shoulders. The mounting process was a bit challenging due to the lack of labeled parts, but once assembled, the mount felt solid and secure.

One aspect I appreciated was the fully adjustable arms, which allowed me to position both my laptop and monitor at comfortable viewing angles. The gas spring mechanism made it easy to adjust the height and angle of the tray, and the swivel and rotate features provided flexibility in positioning.

However, I did encounter a minor inconvenience. The dual mount is primarily designed for larger monitors, so when using it with my 27″ monitor and 16″ laptop, there was a noticeable gap between them. This resulted in a less clean and streamlined look on my desk. As a solution, I ended up using only one arm for my laptop while keeping my monitor on its original mount.

Laptop Mount with Tray: Compatibility and Versatility

Excellent compatibility for both laptops and monitors is offered by the NB North Bayou Dual Arm 2 in 1 Combo. With a loading capacity of 26.4lbs (12kg) for each arm, it can hold laptops ranging from 10-17 inches and monitors from 22-35 inches (VESA 75x75mm or 100x100mm). The two VESA mounts and one laptop tray allow for using both a laptop and a monitor simultaneously without the need to switch screens. Additionally, the venting holes on the laptop tray prevent overheating, ensuring optimal performance. This versatile mount provides a space-saving solution for those who require multiple devices in their workspace.

Full Range of Adjustment

Easy and smooth adjustments are allowed by the built-in gas spring mechanism of the NB North Bayou Dual Arm 2 in 1 Combo. The tray is detachable and the height of the laptop and monitor mounts can be adjusted according to your preference. The arms can tilt, swivel, and rotate, providing a full range of motion (-90°/+90° swivel, 360° rotation, -30°/+85° tilt). The maximum height from VESA Center to table is 24.2 inches (615mm), and the maximum extension distance between two VESA Centers is 35.4 inches (900mm). This flexibility ensures that you can find the most comfortable and ergonomic position for your work or entertainment setup.

Ergonomic Design for Improved Comfort

The design of the NB North Bayou Dual Arm 2 in 1 Combo takes ergonomics into consideration. By lifting both the notebook and monitor to an ergonomic height with proper viewing angles, it promotes a healthier office style and improves work efficiency. This mount helps alleviate eye, shoulder, and neck strain that can occur during long hours of computer use. Adjusting your position to a more comfortable one becomes effortless, allowing you to work, game, or watch content with reduced discomfort and fatigue.

Laptop Mount with Tray: Multiple Installation Options

Different desk setups can be accommodated by the NB North Bayou Dual Arm 2 in 1 Combo, thanks to its multiple installation options. It includes both a C-clamp and grommet kit. The C-clamp can be used for tables with a thickness ranging from 1 to 3.1 inches (25mm-80mm), while the grommet base supports tables with a thickness of 0.8 to 3.5 inches (20mm-90mm). Whether you have a thick or thin desk, this mount provides a secure and stable attachment method, giving you peace of mind while using your devices.

Laptop Mount with Tray: Organized Cable Management

Bid farewell to tangled cables and a cluttered workspace. The NB North Bayou Dual Arm 2 in 1 Combo features cable clips on the arms and center pole, ensuring that your cables stay organized and out of the way. This not only creates a cleaner and more professional appearance but also makes it easier to focus on your work or entertainment without the distraction of tangled wires. Enjoy a more productive and aesthetically pleasing environment with this thoughtful cable management solution.

Laptop Mount with Tray: Customer Reviews

Compatibility, versatility, and sturdy build quality are among the reasons why customers have praised the NB North Bayou Dual Arm 2 in 1 Combo. Some users have mentioned that the mount is designed for larger monitors and may result in a gap between a smaller laptop and monitor. However, they have found creative solutions, such as using only one arm or keeping the monitor on its original mount to achieve the desired setup. The adjustable features, including height, tilt, swivel, and rotation, have been highly appreciated for providing a customizable and comfortable viewing experience. Customers have also commended the cable management system and the easy installation process. Overall, the NB North Bayou Dual Arm 2 in 1 Combo has been praised as a reliable and durable mount that offers excellent value for its price.


  • Compatibility: This laptop mount can hold laptops from 10-17″ and monitors from 22-35″, allowing for dual usage without switching screens. It also has venting holes to prevent laptop overheating.
  • Fully Adjustable: With a built-in gas spring mechanism, the tray is detachable and the height of the laptop monitor mount is adjustable. The arms tilt, swivel, and rotate, providing flexibility for a comfortable viewing position.
  • Ergonomic Design: This laptop stand lifts the notebook and monitor to an ergonomic height with a proper viewing angle, reducing strain on the eyes, shoulders, and neck during long work hours.


  • Gap Between Laptop and Monitor: The design of this dual mount is primarily for accommodating large 32″ monitors side by side. This may result in a gap between the laptop and monitor for smaller setups, which can affect the aesthetic appearance on the desk.
  • Space Requirement: The mount may take up significant space on smaller desks, making them appear crowded. It is more suitable for medium to large desk setups.
  • Assembly Challenges: Some users found the assembly process to be challenging, with unlabeled parts and difficulty in threading the baseplate. The instructions could be clearer, making it less user-friendly for those not mechanically inclined.


    Overall, the NB North Bayou Dual Arm 2 in 1 Combo is a well-made and sturdy mount that offers excellent adjustability and ergonomic benefits. It is best suited for medium to large desk setups, and the cable management feature helps keep the workspace organized.

    While there were some limitations regarding the gap between my laptop and monitor, it didn’t significantly impact the functionality of the mount. Considering its affordable price, I believe it is a worthwhile purchase for those looking to enhance their workspace setup and improve their overall comfort while working or gaming.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Can I use this mount with a 15″ laptop and a 24″ monitor?

    Answer: Yes, this mount is compatible with laptops from 10-17″ and monitors from 22-35″. You can use it with a 15″ laptop and a 24″ monitor without any issues.

    Question: How easy is it to adjust the height of the arms?

    Answer: The height adjustment of the arms is made easy with the built-in gas spring mechanism. You can easily adjust the height to your desired position for optimal viewing comfort.

    Question: Does this mount come with cable management solutions?

    Answer: Yes, this mount comes with cable clips on the arms and center pole to help keep your desk clean and organized. It provides an organized cable management solution for a more comfortable working environment.

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