Multipet Plush Dog Toy: The Beloved Classic for Dogs


With its extra soft plush exterior and squeaker for playtime fun, it promises to be a great companion for your furry friend. In this product review, we will explore different experiences shared by customers who have purchased this toy.

I bought the Multipet Lambchop toy for my dog because she loves the character and I thought a bigger version would be perfect for her. She absolutely adores it! The toy is well-made and larger than I expected. The squeaky feature in each paw and one in the body adds an extra element of excitement for her. It’s definitely worth the price, and she spends hours cuddling and playing with it.

Multipet Plush Dog Toy: Adored by Dogs

Dogs adore the classic and beloved Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, 10″. With its soft plush exterior, it’s perfect for cuddling and snuggling. Dogs love the comforting feel of the toy and often enjoy carrying it around with them. The toy also includes a squeaker, adding an element of playtime fun for your furry friend. Whether your dog is a puppy or an adult, they will surely fall in love with this adorable lamb toy.

Multipet Plush Dog Toy: Extra Soft and Cuddly

Its extra soft plush exterior is a key feature of the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, 10″. The toy is designed to provide maximum comfort and coziness for your dog. The softness of the toy makes it perfect for cuddling and snuggling. Your dog will enjoy having a soft companion to sleep with or carry around the house. The plush material is gentle on their paws and fur, providing a pleasant tactile experience. Give your dog the gift of a soft and cuddly friend with the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, 10″.

Multipet Plush Dog Toy: Playtime Fun with Squeaker

For added playtime fun, the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, 10″ includes a squeaker. Dogs love the sound of squeakers and it can help keep them engaged and entertained. The toy features squeakers in both the paws and the body, providing multiple sources of squeaky enjoyment for your dog. Whether they’re tossing it, chewing on it, or simply squeezing it, the squeaker adds an extra level of excitement to playtime. Watch as your dog’s tail wags with joy while they interact with their new lamb toy.

Multipet Plush Dog Toy: Suitable for Small Dogs

Specifically designed for small dogs, the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, 10″ is perfect for them. With its regular 10″ size, it is perfect for smaller breeds or puppies. The toy is easy for them to carry around and play with. However, it is important to supervise your pet while they are playing with the toy, as it is not chew proof. The soft plush material may not withstand rough play or aggressive chewing. If you have a small dog or a new puppy, this toy is an ideal choice to provide them with endless hours of fun and companionship.

Multipet Plush Dog Toy: Adorable Design

Capturing the essence of Shari Lewis’ classic lamb character, the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, 10″ features an adorable design. The toy resembles the beloved Lambchop puppet from years past, making it a nostalgic and sentimental choice for dog owners. The attention to detail in the design, from the soft fur to the squeaky bubbles in the feet, adds to the charm of this toy. Your dog will not only enjoy playing with it but also love having it as a decorative companion. Bring a touch of sweetness and nostalgia to your dog’s toy collection with this adorable lamb toy.

Not Chew Proof, but Still Loved

Despite not being chew proof, dogs still love the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, 10″. Some customers have mentioned that their dogs tend to shred the toy quickly, but they still give it a high rating for its cuteness and overall appeal. If you have a dog that doesn’t play rough or a young puppy who needs supervision, this toy can be a perfect choice. The soft fur and cuddly nature of the toy make it a favorite among many dogs, even if it’s not the most durable option. Consider this toy if you’re looking for an adorable companion for your furry friend, even if it may not stand up to aggressive chewing.


  • Shari Lewis’ classic and beloved lamb is adored by dogs.
  • Extra soft plush exterior is great for cuddling.
  • Includes squeaker for playtime fun.


  • These toys don’t hold up well and can be easily destroyed.
  • Not durable enough for dogs that play rough.
  • Need supervision to prevent dogs from shredding them and eating the stuffing.


    While the Multipet Lambchop dog toy may not be the most durable option, it still receives high ratings due to its cuteness and appeal to dogs. It is important to note that it may not withstand rough play and can be easily destroyed by dogs who are more aggressive chewers. However, if you have a young puppy or a dog that doesn’t play too roughly, this toy is a great option. Overall, it brings joy and entertainment to dogs, making it a worthwhile purchase for any dog owner.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Are these toys durable for dogs that play rough?

    Answer: No, these toys are not durable enough for dogs that play rough. They can easily be destroyed.

    Question: Can my dog chew on this toy?

    Answer: It is not recommended for dogs to chew on this toy as it is not chew-proof and may be easily destroyed.

    Question: Is this toy suitable for young puppies?

    Answer: Yes, this toy is suitable for young puppies as it is soft and cuddly, but they should be supervised while playing with it to prevent them from shredding it and eating the stuffing.

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